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pat the possum cd

pat the possum cd

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Fresh Picked is a new album of 12 original songs recorded by the Country Pumpkins Band in May, 2021 with Richard Cooke at Sanctuary Sound Studio in Tilba, NSW. It is the same studio where the band recorded its’ previous album, Pat the Possum.

Two of the songs were written by lead guitarist, Rick Bamford, three by bass player, Michelle Scobie, and seven by Graham Scobie, with one of those being a co-write with producer, Richard Cooke. Graham is a winner of a Tamworth Songwriters Association Award for 100 Years Australia and an Australian Gospel Music Award for Aussie Gospel Bloke while Michelle was a TSA finalist for Pat the Possum. Johnny Dozer Driver was a semi-finalist in the 2021 Lyrics Only section of the TSA Awards under its’ previous title, The Fire at Yankee’s Gap. Johnny Dozer Driver and A Cultivated Man by Graham plus Redbank Creek by Rick were all semi-finalists in the TSA Awards in January, 2022

There are a number of reasons why the album is named after a song written by Rick, called Fresh Picked. Firstly, all the songs were written for this album, with Rick only recently arriving in the band after the departure to Melbourne of previous long-term guitarist, Chris Curtis. Chris had played with the band at Gympie Muster in 2009. So, Rick is also fresh picked by the band and naturally, there’s plenty of fresh picking by him on acoustic and electric guitars as well as lap steel and dobro.

The title song starts out talking about fresh picked vegies and links in to being fresh picked for the Vietnam War in 1967. Rick was conscripted at the age of 19 but the song is primarily about a friend of his who served in Vietnam. Rick’s other song on the album is a rollicking number called Redbank Creek. Michelle wrote Take All of My Love after the farm she shares with her husband, Graham, was consumed by a bushfire on 23 Jan 20. Her other two songs are Toongabbie Girl which talks about where she grew up in Sydney and her other song, Hear His Call is a gospel song.

Graham’s songs range from a tribute to his farming Dad who died in 2019 aged 95, called A Cultivated Man, to an ode to the often overlooked Queensland Blue pumpkin and another humorous ditty about those annoying little stickers on fruit called Give the Sticker the Flick. He tributes local south coast NSW hero, Neil Lavis, who won a gold medal in the 1960 Olympics in Rome on a horse called Mirrabooka and gives his own political view on the devastation of bushfires in Stand to Intention. Eureka is a tongue-in-cheek apology for his ancestor, James Scobie, being a spark that ignited the flame of the Eureka Stockade and Johnny Dozer Driver is another bushfire song describing an incident in the 2018 fire at Yankee’s Gap near Bega.

Song Lrycis

All songs written by Country Pumpkins (C)


Verse 1
Old Billy sells his produce at his stall up on Gumtree Lane.
He has always been around and his smile it never wanes.
In the 40 years he’s been there he gets up at dawn , never late,
Cause he knows he’s lucky to be there, not like some of his old Army mates.
Chorus 1
Fresh picked he calls, these vegies are the best, fresh picked , on that you can bet.
Fresh picked on the dinner plate tonight, fresh picked you’ll find they always taste real nice
Verse 2
Back in 67 when the world was a slower place,
A war began in Asia, Vietnam was the place.
They sent you off to do their bid, if conscription called they gambled with your life,
You’re off to fight the Viet Cong, those in power just rolled the dice.
Chorus 2   
Fresh picked, only 19 years old, fresh picked we were young we were strong & bold,
Fresh picked, we’re off to fight this war, conscripted in the Army, cause it was the law.
Verse 3
Billy was sent to Kapooka. He was taught how to kill and fight.
After only 8 weeks training , it was time to be sent off to that strife.
Over to the Air Force base to be flown off to a far foreign land,
He didn’t know just what to expect,  he was only a young farm hand.
Verse 4
Billy saw things in Vietnam that he never ever speaks about.
He doesn’t even talk about that day when on patrol his luck ran out.
Billy lost a leg but his two mates on point, well them boys lost their lives.
When he got back to Australia, he thanked the Lord for helping him survive.
Verse 5
Billy buried those bad memories, grew his crops again and got on with his life.
Billy he got married, had 3 kids and a lovely caring wife.
And every now and then he says a little prayer, especially on ANZAC Day.
He prays that his mates that didn’t make it are in Heaven, and the good Lord guides their way
Chorus 3
Fresh picked, only 19 years old, fresh picked we were young, we were strong and bold.
Fresh picked, we’re off to fight this war, was it noble and right, we’re still not sure.


Rick Bamford – writer, lead vocals, bass, rhythm and lead guitars

Daniel Ostrosko - drums

Graham Scobie – backing vocals

Richard Cooke – piano


Ian Joseph Scobie – a cultivated man;
For 5 and 90 years he worked his farming plan.
At Holbrook, New South Wales, over by the Hume –
He’s now cultivating Heaven’s waiting room.

Back to Broken Hill, his spirit is now still.
Always was and always will – the boy from Broken Hill.

Born at Booroorungie, out Mootwingee way,
The last of ten bright children to grace the light of day;
From 1923 to nineteen past the turn,
Ian Scobie lived his life, always keen to learn.

Back to Broken Hill, his spirit is now still.
Always was and always will – the boy from Broken Hill.

With Robin at his side he fought both drought and fire;
In ’67 he shot his sheep as prices were so dire.
But still he played his part in family, town and State,
And was rewarded with an honour meant only for the great.

Back to Broken Hill, his spirit is now still.
Always was and always will – the boy from Broken Hill.

Five sons now hold the flame that he once held so high,
He didn’t reach the ton but he gave a worthy try.
If nothing more now in this life that we can claim he ran,
At least we know he left us all a cultivated man.

Back to Broken Hill, his spirit is now still;
Always was and always will – the boy from Broken Hill.
Back to Broken Hill, although his journey’s ended:
His spirit is at peace and the Broken Hill is mended.


Graham Scobie – writer, lead vocals, rhythm guitar

Michelle Scobie – backing vocals

Rick Bamford – lead acoustic guitar, bass

Daniel Ostrosko – drums



Once upon a pumpkin, Queensland reigned the roost;
Then imposters joined the roster, let’s give the Blues a boost;
Queensland Pumpkin Blues, from the paddock to the plate –
Butternut is bloody good – but the Queensland Blue is great!

Verse 1:

You’ve heard of Jarradale, Kent and Butternut,
Baby Blue, Turk’s Turban and Japanese, half cut,
Ironbark and Golden Nuggett, Atlantic Giant, Beaudesert Blue,
But there’s nothing like original, mighty Queensland Blue.


Verse 2:

What about the Delica, or the pale Naranka Gold,
There’s even Aussie Butter, or so I have been told,
Or those fancy Musque de Provence, but there’s just one I turn to –
To bake or boil or barbie, that’s the mighty Queensland Blue.



Graham Scobie – writer, lead and backing vocals, harmonica

Michelle Scobie – backing vocals

Rick Bamford – dobro, lead guitar, bass

Daniel Ostrosko - drums


My gift to the world is you,        
Go and get ready join that RFS crew.  
Boots, helmet, yellows and gloves -
Pack that bag and take all of my love

Verse 1:         The fire is spreading, growing larger each day;
Days turn to weeks, a month has passed away.
Backburn at night, breathe in the smoke –
Heavy on hearts, please don’t choke.
Saving homes, tractors and sheds –
Super heroes, some people have said.

Verse 2:         While you’re away, my life goes on and on –
Step into the role you take when you are gone.
Working in town to pay the bills,
I need to get all the chores done still –
Feed chooks, get eggs, no time to stop;
Feed dogs and sheep, check on all the troughs.

Verse 3:         The lessons to learn at the end of the fire,
To spend time with you is always my desire.


Michelle Scobie – Writer, lead vocals, acoustic guitar, bass

Graham Scobie – Backing vocals, harmonica

Daniel Ostrosko – Drums

Richard Cooke – Banjo, pedal steel


Verse 1:

When you’re at the supermarket  looking for some fruit,

The apples and the pears are looking really beaut!

On closer introspection, you find to your dismay,

Each one has a sticker and you really have to say………




Give the sticker the flick, time to give the sticker the flick;

Grow your own would be the trick to give the sticker the flick.


Verse 2:


Mangoes, avocadoes, nectarines and a peach,

If you’re having a lovely picnic in the bush or at the beach,

There’s nothing more annoying when you go to take a bite,

The sticker gets stuck between your teeth – it just isn’t right!



So, give the sticker the flick, give the sticker the flick;

Grow your own would be the trick, to give the sticker the flick.


Graham Scobie – Words, lead vocals, acoustic guitar, mandolin

Michelle Scobie – Backing vocals

Daniel Ostrosko – Drums

Rick Bamford – Backing vocals

Richard Cooke – Music, bass, banjo, glockenspiel


Toongabbie girl she sings to the cows.
Toongabbie girl for hours and hours.
Toongabbie girl where creek waters  meet.
Toongabbie girl life is so sweet. 

  1. Toongabbie girl like her mother before.

Grandmother and aunt surrounded the door.
Cousins and brother, they danced and they sang.
Neighbourhood joined and those concerts they rang.

  1. On weekend times, they’d go down to the creek.

A place for people and waters to meet.
Cricket in yards bowling balls at the fence.
Those old red brick walls last line of defence.


  1. Holiday time leaving buses and trains,

Longing for horses while travelling lanes.
Cobargo loomed large, filled with hard work.
Oakside tree lined, the heart will not shirk.

  1. Old Oakside ignited, that black New Year’s eve.

New windows frame views, a tear dried by sleeve.
The house may be gone along with the sheds.
The land still looms large, we use swags for our beds.

  1. Fast forward some years and what of her life?

The city girl born, now a country wife.
Sing to the cows, like Toongabbie of old,
A chorus together loud, proud and bold.



Michelle Scobie – writer

Graham Scobie – lead vocals, acoustic guitar

Rick Bamford – backing vocals, bass, lap steel guitar

Daniel Ostrosko – drums

Richard Cooke – backing vocals


I’m going back to Redbank Creek,     
Ain’t been home for over a  week.
All my friends I’m gonna meet,          
Goin’ back down to Redbank Creek

Verse 1:
Chuck the swag in my old ute, it may be rusty but she’s a beaut, she gets me there. (Every time)                                                     
My girl is gonna be there, she’s the love of my life, and fairly soon, she’ll be my wife


Verse 2:

Been way out back mustering stock, I don’t get paid a lot, but I love the great outdoors,
It makes me feel alive in the saddle riding high, would never trade it for another life.

Chorus :

Verse 3:

Mind you don’t get me wrong, I love coming home, and catching up with all my mates,
And the love of my life, all soft and smelling nice, I have it all, and it feels alright.

Verse 4:

Now city folk they just don’t know, what they’re missing, they don’t realize how good that it gets,
We have horses and cattle dogs, snakes and kangaroos, and what do they have ? little fluffy pets.


Graham Scobie – backing vocals, harmonica

Daniel Ostrosko – drums

Richard Cooke – mandolin


Ch:    Stand to intention, my country,
          Before it’s all burnt beyond black.
          We’ve neglected our role as its’ carers –
          Soon there’ll be no turning back.

  1. Australia’s a dry, brittle island;

The wattle and gum can explode.
When we fail to go out every winter,
And minimise the leaf-litter load.

Ch:    Stand to intention, my country…..

  1. Indigenous sisters and brothers,

Who nurtured this land for so long:
We’re sorry we messed up the mosaic,
I’ll try to make it right with this song.

Ch:    Stand to intention, my country…..

  1. Once we had rain in full measure,

And seasons for 200 years.
Now we’ve imposed our dominion,
The only deluge is tears.

Ch:    Stand to intention, my country……

  1. So, women and men of the southland,

It’s time to get up from our chairs,
Join with our neighbours in action,
And vote for a polly who cares!

Ch:    Stand to intention, my country.
Graham Scobie – writer, lead vocals, acoustic guitar

Michelle Scobie – backing vocals

Daniel Ostrosko – drums

Richard Cooke – backing vocals, pedal steel, banjo, bass, piano


Archimedes had his moment when he stepped into the bath,
Newton had one also with the apple and the tree.
I had mine in ’99 when I trod the Jesus path,
An Aussie Gospel Bloke I’m meant to be.

Eureka is a feeling we’ve all had once or twice –
Heed the call and stand up tall or we will pay the price!

Eureka, California, was home to many miners,
Who sniffed the whiff of Ballarat and sailed off to Australia.
They found a lost old gold-seam, using their diviners,
And called out “It’s Eureka!”, fending off a failure.

Eureka is a feeling we’ve all had once or twice –
Heed the call and stand up tall or we will pay the price.

James Scobie was a miner who liked to drink and drown;
Fell foul of Mr Publican and met a gruesome death.
The miners formed a riot squad and burned old Bentley down,
The inquest cleared the owner, hardly drawing breath.

Eureka is a feeling we’ve all had once or twice –
Heed the call and stand up tall or we will pay the price.

Miners’ rights were tough to pay so out the call it went;
They gathered at the Stockade, near Eureka vein.
They raised a flag of southern stars with fervour and intent,
Men of many nations for democratic gain.

Eureka is a feeling we’ve all had once or twice –
Heed the call and stand up tall or we will pay the price
Eureka is a feeling we’ve all had once or twice –
Heed the call and stand up tall or we will pay the price.

Graham Scobie – writer, lead vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica

Michelle Scobie – backing vocals

Rick Bamford – bass, lap steel guitar

Daniel Ostrosko – drums



Be thankful for who you are,
Be grateful for where you’ve been,
Be in the here and the now,
Be loved and love all,
Hear His call.


1.His call comes in the whisper of the breeze,
In the day to day, the people we meet,
In the family we raise to live and play.


2.His call comes in the silence of prayer,
In the workplace day, the voices of friends,
In the reading, the scrolling, and the radio play.


3.His call comes in our gardens and homes,
In our plants and trees, in our pets who please,
Supporting our partners, caring for our parents needs.


Michelle Scobie – writer, lead vocals

Graham Scobie – backing vocals, mandolin, acoustic guitar

Rick Bamford – dobro

Daniel Ostrosko – drums

Richard Cooke – bass


Was the fire at Yankee’s Gap in August 0-1-8,
And crews from wide and far had gathered at the gate.
One was there a Moggy, from up Moruya way,
With fighters Grice and Heydon fanging to the fray.

Day One was uneventful with standard firie fare,
Mopping up the logs and stumps with choppers in the air.
Then after lunch the Parky bunch called for some assistance,
With Johnny Dozer Driver carving eastern distance.

Day Two dawned clear and crispy, with work to undertake,
Tailing Johnny Dozer as he cleared a vital break.
Through twists and turns, ups and downs the truck stuck close behind,
Providing vital cover if the bushfire changed its’ mind.

From dawn to dusk this tricky task kept the Moggies keen,
With barely time to scratch themselves, they burnt the dieseline.
The race was on to ring the fire with means of burning back,
So Johnny Dozer lit the lights and kept on clearing track.

Came dinner time with end in sight the dozer took a snooze.
Grice and Heydon looked for home; which exit would they choose?
With Heydon at the wheel and Grice the navigator,
They came upon a final turn that dropped down to a crater.

With twelve hours in the saddle a bed begins to beckon,
Heydon eased the rig around but hardly did he reckon,
That in the dark, without sun-spark, the truck wheels dropped away,
With Grice and Heydon hanging there and not much they could say.

But Johnny Dozer was at hand and he became the hero,
He hit the Cat and brought her back to Yankee Fireground Zero.
A strap was tied and pressure plied and earthworks undertaken,
And soon the Moggy boys were free, although a little shaken!

And later on that night in lodgings downtown Bega,
They told their tale and without fail, with urgings that were eager,
They made their plans and all shook hands for back again tomorrow,
The Yankee’s fire was pushing on – a new truck they would borrow.

Graham Scobie – writer, lead vocals, acoustic guitar

Rick Bamford – bass, lap steel guitar, electric rhythm guitar

Daniel Ostrosko – drums

Richard Cooke – pedal steel guitar